CCL Podcast #326 – Trading Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man

Collected Comics Library Podcast #326
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There’s been several great artists and writers on Spider-Man throughout the decades. One of my all time favorites is Todd McFarlane. Back in the late 1980’s I picked up a handfull of his run on Amazing Spider-Man, but I was also one of the fanboys who bought one of the 2.5 millions copies of Spider-Man #1 in 1990 – Silver and Gold covers and all!

Come this June, Marvel will have collected all of McFarlane’s comics on Spidey, and today we take a look back on the complete body of work, the collected edition formats and even a lesson on how to read one of the hardcovers.

Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus By David Michelinie & Todd McFarlane
Marvel Premiere Classic: Spider-Man: Torment (Variant Volume 27)
Marvel Premiere Classic: Spider-Man: Masques (Variant Volume 83)
Marvel Premiere Classic: Spider-Man: Perceptions (Variant Volume 95)

Also on the show today I talk about Before Watchmen (aka the Watchmen Prequels) and how all those controversial comics may get collected.

Links Of Note:
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Vertigo Comics Fall 2012

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One thought on “CCL Podcast #326 – Trading Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man”

  1. The Todd McFarlane Omnibus is really fantastic, and well worth getting instead of the out-of-print Visionaries/Legends trades. The trades skipped over any issues not drawn by McFarlane (which makes for some trouble spots in a few storylines where Erik Larsen does some fill-in issues in the middle of a five-part storyline), and, as you might expect, the colors and paper stock are much better. I couldn’t be happier with having pre-ordered it last year.

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