CCL Podcast #324 – The 2011 Year in Review

Collected Comics Library Podcast #324
90Mb; 98m 13s

This is it! My Big Year in Review Show! Not only do I go over my Top 10 Collected Editions of 2011 (which I already blogged about), but I also do a month by month look – and critique – of many news and noteworthy books that caught my eye from all the major companies this past year.

Warning: I say it every year; this particular podcast should be taken in moderation because this is not your typical CCL Podcast. What this basically is, is one big list, so I suggest you listen while shoveling snow, mowing your lawn, going on a long commute, etc. It’s perfectly alright to keep this as a reference tool.

I have also supplied a much more expanded collected editions release list for 2011 and a time listing of all the different months.

Intro and Top 10 – 00:00
January – 18:08
February – 22:10
March – 24:45
April – 31:35
May – 38:43
June – 46:33
July – 53:55
August – 57:09
September – 1:05:39
October – 1:11:01
November – 1:18:57
December and Outro – 1:29:48

My sincere thanks to all of you! Have a great and wonderful 2012!

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