CCL Podcast #321 – Too Many Green Lantern Origins?

Collected Comics Library Podcast #321
31.5Mb; 34m 19s

Lots to go over on today installment of the CCL.
First up I question the timing of a Press Release from Image regarding The Nightly News Anniversary Edition HC, it’s a conspiracy theory is epic proportions. Next, I talk about the New 52 Trades and Hardcovers that will be coming out all year long in 2012. The Flashpoint trades will also be coming out in Q3, but oddly enough there is no Road To Flashpoint trade paperback in the mix. There’s also a lot of great reprints coming out from IDW’s Library Of American Comics imprint including announcements of Bloom County sequels Outland and Opus! Strange happenings with Marvel’s Avengers: The Children’s Crusade HC – not only is there a $5 price hike but it is also moved back on the schedule by 6 weeks! Finally, I go over Hal Jordan’s many origins and wonder if there are too many and just how much tweaking should there be for new readers – and movie goers.

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