CCL Podcast #319 – Spooky Halloween – Occupy Elm Street

Collected Comics Library Podcast #319
28.1Mb; 30m 28s

It’s that spooky time of year, especially if you live in Detroit! Come on in and grab a scary book!

This year I have a real scary book for you: Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era – Strange Tales Volume 5. It’s scary not because of all the horrific tales of monsters, mad scientists and damsels in distress, it has all that – it’s scary because it’s so bad!!! Thanks to Fredric Wertham and the new Comics Code Authority, Marvel and other publishers had to dumb down their comics for a more general and kid friendly audience. But don’t take my word for it, Dr. Michael J. Vassallo┬ábasically says so himself in his wonderful and detailed introduction.

So turn down the lights and curl up with a good podcast!


Count Chris

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Crime – Simon and Kirby and Crime Does Not Pay

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