CCL Podcast #317 – 1000 Flashpoints Of Light

Collected Comics Library Podcast #317
26.0MbKb; 28m 19s

It’s back to talking about DC Comics starring Flashpoint and the New 52. I try my best to straighten out all the Flashpoint titles including the main run, mini-series, tie-ins, crossovers and preludes and just how they will be collected in hardcover and trade paperback form. And I also try to figure out just what the editors are thinking when it comes to combining certain runs with each other as collected editions, because it sure doesn’t look like the way it was originally intended.

I also go over the 2011 comic book summer movies and the trades that may interest you, more news regarding the upcoming EC Archives from CG Press, the Top Shelf 2011 Massive $3 Sale, the Spring 2012 Marvel Comics Collected Editions Spring catalog (download the pdf), Simon and Kirby Romance from TWO publishers and The Fire and Water Podcast.

Lastly I go over the upcoming 2011 Detroit Fanfare and the Comics Podcasting Panel:

Should be a great show, please join us for a great time!

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One thought on “CCL Podcast #317 – 1000 Flashpoints Of Light”

  1. Hey Cjm,
    This might be off topic, however, From Wikipedia:
    “L stars in a Death Note film version special, aired on Japanese television, that takes place after Light’s death; in it Touta Matsuda has to come to terms with L’s eventual death.”

    I’ve seen all of the Death Note anime, ordered the manga and novels, and I’ve seen the three live action movies and the two compilations.
    But this is the first I’m hearing of this special.

    Does anyone have any information on it, such as the name, date, etc?
    I look forward to your next post

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