CCL Podcast #316 – EC Is Everywhere

Collected Comics Library Podcast #316
26.2MbKb; 28m 32s

Ever since Comic Con in late July and thanks to Fantagraphics and IDW, there has been lots of talk of the EC line of comics. The talk heated up even more this week with the announcement of GC Press’ revival of the EC Archives started by Gemstone. Today on the show I straighten all out as to who is doing what. All projects are vastly different with much of the same material.

Also on the show I call out Marvel as it pertains to their most recent solicitations. There were blatant mistakes and I find it aggravating, amateurish and a bit humorous.

Finally there is news about Batman: Earth One, The Harvey Awards, a wonderful blog from The Comics Journal and Shipping and Product changes for Fantastic Four Omnibus by John Byrne Volume 1 you do not want to miss!

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