CCL Podcast #315 – Shilling For Back Issue Magazine

Collected Comics Library Podcast #315
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Today on the show I talk about the latest from TwoMorrows Publishing: Back Issue #50. This one is special because I compiled the Collected Editions piece. This is the second time I’ve contributed to BI the first was issue #44: Spider-Man in The Bronze Age. I can’t thank my Editor, Michael Eury enough. I love doing these rundowns of what you should collect and own and in my research I always find something new.

There’s also a lot of new to go over including a NYCC Contest from The Verbal Mosh podcast, a list of soon to be OOP HC’s and TPB’s from Marvel, Walking Dead Volume Zero (Image), Spirit World by Jack Kirby HC (DC Comics), Untold Tales Of Spider-Man Omnibus (Marvel) and two upcoming hardcovers of the original and very hard to find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Image).

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One thought on “CCL Podcast #315 – Shilling For Back Issue Magazine”

  1. Couple of quick comments after listening to your podcast Friday night.

    With the Star Wars Omnibus line, you thought that would be wrapping up soon. My understanding is that this is a 7 volume project. Once it finishes the 107 issue Marvel US run, it will also collect the Marvel UK stories, Ewoks and Droids from the Marvel Star line, and other assorted items from when Marvel held the rights.

    With Untold Tales of Spider-Man, I think this was very much a product of the time it was published. This started during the time of the big Clone saga of the 1990s, so this provided readers a much more simpler Spider-Man fix. In one of the issues, they provided a chart to show where these issues fit it between the panels fo the Lee-Ditko run. I borrowed a friend’s masterworks and read the two simultaneously — Busiek really did make it near seemless. It may not hold up now on it’s own, but 15 years ago, it was the best Spider-Man available, in my opinion.

    Thanks as always for the work you do!

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