CCL Podcast #314 – SDCC 2011 Collected Editions Wrap-Up Show

Collected Comics Library Podcast #314
22.3MbKb; 24m 18s

It’s the Annual podcast where I give my honest and humble opinion on all the collected edition news from San Diego, including the Eisner winners. If you’ve been following the blog all weekend then you’ll know what you’re in for. But for the other folks, it’s a nice, welcome chance to get caught up without all the pesky reading getting in the way.

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One thought on “CCL Podcast #314 – SDCC 2011 Collected Editions Wrap-Up Show”

  1. So what do you all think of Fantagraphics rebooting the EC Archive in their own special way? – Chris

    sounds like a lot of people are annoyed, but this project is the way i have wanted to read this material for years…
    I don’t want to slog though the entire ec library and get 30-40 different books, i just want to get all of kurtzman’s war comics, all of wood and williamsons scifi stuff and krigstein etc. I am really looking forward to reading this , and Fantagraphics always does a great job.
    I see that Dark Horse is trying out a similiar thing with a Bernie Wrightson book of his warren material.. I would like to see the same approach to the Warren material as well, the creepy and eerie books vary widely in quality and a t 50 buck a pop are way too expensive for what you get. I would be the first in line for an all Toth Warren book, or Ditko, or Richard Corben. Although I would prefer Fantagraphics, Dark Horse doesnt have the greatest track record when it comes to archival stuff (imho).
    the presentation of the new EC archives really turned me off, the glossy paper, the garish colors… not for me.

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