CCL Podcast #313 – Trading Captain America II

Collected Comics Library Podcast #313
25.6MbKb; 26m 38s

It’s Christmas in July! Not only is it the week of San Diego Comic Con 2011, but we also have the Captain America movie and a huge announcement from DC Comics i.e. all 52 #1 issues in one giant (Absolute) hardcover.
This is actually the third time that I’ve covered Cap. The first was CCL #76 and the second was CCL #225. Today, I pick up from June 2009 and go over all the collected editions that have been published – and a few that are upcoming.
It’s a long compehensive list, but worth listening to if you havn’t been collecting Captain America in a while or are new to him altogether.
Lastly, I go over some pre Comic Con news on The Walking Dead, Interview With The Vampire, Flashpoint and Legion Of The Super-Heroes Volume 13. Plus I answer an e-mail from a listener who thinks I talk too much Marvel. I guess this is a bad day to counter that.

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