CCL Podcast #312 – Classic Marvel, The Harvey’s and Pre Comic Con News

Collected Comics Library Podcast #312
28.5MbKb; 30m 56s

Whew! Lot’s of news to get caught up on in today’s show! Not only do I go over the Harvey Award Nominess, but all so some books that will get officially annouced at Comic Con 2011!
Also on the show: the new Flesk Publications catalog, the $20,000 Graphic Novel Giveaway from the American Librarian Association Annual Conference, how much of Flashpoint we will see in September and what the heck is Marvel up too?
Lastly, I talk about a whole host of recently purchased books including, TinTin, Five Marvel Premiere Classics and Three X-Men Omnibuses!
That’s a whole lot of reading to do!

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