CCL Podcast #308 – Christopher Irving, Hermes Press and Graphic NYC

Collected Comics Library Podcast #308

106.2 Mb; 147m 36s

This week on the podcast I sit down with comic book historian and writer, Chris Irving for a candid discussion about all things comics. From Marvel and DC reprint projects to digital comics and movies we even touch on current happenings. I’ve known Chris for a few years now but never had the chance to talk to him at length. He is a wonderful and very knowledgeable person and I am so glad he took the time out of his very busy schedule with Hermes Press and Graphic NYC to join me.


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2 thoughts on “CCL Podcast #308 – Christopher Irving, Hermes Press and Graphic NYC”

  1. Chris, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this interview the other night. I hope you can bring Chris Irving back for another interview at some point in the future.

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