CCL Podcast #302 – Interview with John Romita Jr.

Collected Comics Library Podcast #302
55,110Kb; 58m 40s

Today’s special interview with John Romita Jr. is from November 23, 2008. Prior to that day, I was contacted by Joe Rybandt, of Dynamite Entertainment, to help out on a book that was being written by Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter, called The Romita Legacy. Joe was in a bind and knew that I had the equipment and could interview JR Jr. and give a written translation on short notice. I happily obliged and was even given a small piece of credit. Now I’m happy to present the interview in full.

John and I talk about vast array of topics including his early work at Marvel, working with his legendary father and his, then, upcoming movie, Kick-Ass. I’m releasing this interview to also help you better understand the creative process of writing a biography. It’s not your typical interview as it contains several pre-written questions that were supplied to me. I do add in a few of my own to make the conversation a bit more lively and interesting.

I would like to personally thank John, Tom and especially Joe for this job. I had a blast doing it.

If you haven’t done so already, please purchase a copy of the book. Thank you!
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Romita Legacy HC Signed Edition
I’ll post a link to the Softcover version when it becomes available; expected March 1, 2011.

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4 thoughts on “CCL Podcast #302 – Interview with John Romita Jr.”

  1. Thanks a mil for featuring this amazing podcast interview. I bought the book the other day before stumbling onto this website. I am an aspiring comic artist and I look to the Romita’s, as well as Kirby and Buscema for inspiration and insight.
    Now I’m going to mine this site for any other artists that I enjoy.

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