CCL Podcast #301 – J. David Spurlock, Vanguard Productions

Collected Comics Library Podcast #301
124,499Kb; 132m 41s

I’m pleased to have J. David Spurlock on today’s podcast. David has been an industry icon for the better part of 30 years. He is an author and illustrator as well as the founder of Vanguard Productions, which showcases the art and history of some of comics legendary creators. Vanguard is also the home of several great reprint projects including the upcoming Frank Frazetta’s White Indian and Johnny Comet. We get in to all sorts of fun topics including why Wally Wood is the World’s Second-Best Comic Book Artist of all time and the origins of Vangaurds’ Sketchbook series of books.

Vanguard Productions
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3 thoughts on “CCL Podcast #301 – J. David Spurlock, Vanguard Productions”

  1. This was an interesting podcast. It felt like you got your podcast hijacked. J. David sure can talk! Tough sometimes it felt like we were hearing the same story more than once. There was some interesting stuff here. A little back and forth would have been nice, though.

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