CCL Podcast #300 – Charles Pelto, Classic Comics Press

Collected Comics Library Podcast #300
66,338Kb; 66m 30s

300 of anything it a lot.
300 stairs to climb.
300 books to read.
300 screaming babies with dirty diapers.
Well, you get the point.

Truth is I couldn’t have reached 300 podcasts without all of you, my listenership, and for that I’m eternally grateful. I love getting on the microphone every week (now every other week) and talking about not only comics, but collected editions. From paperback digests to oversized 18 pound hardcovers I just can’t get enough of the reprint market or what I like to call a niche within a niche.

Today on the podcast I talk to Charles Pelto of Classic Comics Press, another person who shares in the joy of reprints. So much so, he started his own publishing house so he could ensure that strips like The Heart Of Juliet Jones, Mary Perkins On Stage and Big Ben Bolt will be enjoyed for years to come and not lost or forgotten and only to be preserved on a Wikipedia entry. We have a candid discussion on what is takes to start up your own publishing house, what makes for a good strip and the reproduction techniques involved. Please help in supporting Classic Comics Press by coming by their website and ordering directly from them. You can also keep up with the latest projects, including Rusty Riley and The Cisco Kid, by subscribing to their blog.

As for this podcast, I may just have another 300 in me. Stay tuned.

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13 thoughts on “CCL Podcast #300 – Charles Pelto, Classic Comics Press”

  1. Congratulations Chris!! I’ve listened to you about a year and a half now -and enjoyed it all.
    Greetings from Finland!!

    br, Teemu

  2. Congratulations Chris!! I’ve listened to you about a year and a half now -and enjoyed it all.
    Greetings from Finland!!

    br, Teemu

  3. This man is doing important work.Restoring and preserving these classics so lovingly for future generations is laudable.The fact that He can do so and offer the books for $24.99 and less is incredible.I definitely plan on being a future customer.

    1. Yes. Keep in mind that for the most part Charles is a one man show and he does it all for the love of the medium. He works as hard as he can to produce the best he can within his budget. And I think he does an awesome job. Other publishers, including DC and Marvel, could learn a thing or two about quality restoration and production from this guy.

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