CCL Podcast #286 – Marvelman Classic HC

Collected Comics Library Podcast #286
29,937Kb; 29m 57s

Last summer at Comic Con 2009 all the buzz was about Marvel obtaining the reprint rights to Marvelman. Immediately everyone seemed to say “Hooray!” Alan Moore and Neil Gaimen and everyone else have put aside their differences and we were going to have the most sought after comic finally in our hands! Then we were reminded that this was Mick Anglo’s Marvelman and not Miracleman. Our hopes were dashed but we seemed OK with it because perhaps it would pave the way to what we actually want. 18 months later (including Marvel December 2010 solicitations) was have a 6-issue Best Of periodical series called Marvelman Family’s Finest and a Marvelman Premiere Hardcover that reprints his adventures in chronological order. No new series and certainly no Miracleman, just a few reprints from a bygone era. Needless to say I’m a bit disappointed in Marvel’s efforts particularly the way Joe Quesada hyped up the announcement. I hoping that all will change come 2011. Today I take a look at the Hardcover and I have some mixed feelings about it. One one hand it is good to see this in print. But on the other hand it seems all that the Marvel did was slap a hardcover on what seems to be the same type of paper that is used in their Essential line of books. This is a pity because it could have easily been reprinted on higher quality paper – and for $39.99 it should have.  I’ll get into that and more on today’s podcast.

Other topics discussed today include:

  • Upcoming newspaper collected editions
  • More Smurfs
  • Usagi Yojimbo Deluxe Fantagraphics in October
  • DC Solicits and DC Comics Presents / Wildstorm is now doing it!
  • Digital Update: and Who owns mobile?

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