CCL Podcast #282 – Wanted: Superman Illustrated by Neal Adams

Collected Comics Library Podcast #282
28,639Kb; 28m 39s

The name Neal Adams has been synonymous with comic books for decades. He has spent the majority of his career with DC and in recent years they have celebrated his work with the release of Batman Illustrated Volumes 1-3, Superman Kyrptonite Nevermore, DC Universe Illustrated Volume 1 (projected to be 3 volumes) and the upcoming Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali HC (November).
Adams has worked on just about every character in the DCU including working on several War genre stories. One of those characters has been Superman and today I go over as to what could be a Superman Illustrated by Neal Adams Volume 1.

Also on today’s show is recap of last week’s Women of Marvel Comics blog posts including who was left out (Rogue) and who I should have added in (Red Sonja).

Lastly, what’s old is what’s new again as the Detroit Fanfare is coming October 30-31, 2010. Even Stan Lee is going to make an appearance!

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