CCL Podcast #263 – Jack Kirby’s Kamandi and Devil Dinosaur

Collected Comics Library Podcast #263
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We come to the conclusion of Jack Kirby month! This week I focus on one of Jack’s most celebrated creations: Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth. DC has published two Archive volumes and here at the CCL, I hope they continue on and not only conclude Kirby’s run, but complete the entire series. I also touch upon two other DC Comics series that tie-in to Kamandi: OMAC and The Atomic Knights both of which have their own collected editions (no, I didn’t forget about the now defunct Atomic Knights Showcase Presents book). Lastly, I talk a bit about Jack’s return to Marvel Comics and his Kamandi inspired Devil Dinosaur, which has its own complete Omnibus.

I have more news on my new podcast and blog: DGTL Comics, a question regarding the lack of the Invincible Volume 5 HC (Image Comics) and the Amazon MarketPlace, C2E2, and my thoughts on two different editions of Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali (DC Comics).

All this and the New Releases of the Week.


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9 thoughts on “CCL Podcast #263 – Jack Kirby’s Kamandi and Devil Dinosaur”

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  2. Pingback: Damian Smith
  3. According to Amazon, the Kamandi Archives are out of print (they were listed that way before the “Amazon Glitch”). Maybe DC is planning to republish them in the Jack Kirby Library format.

  4. Thanks Chris for this post, i just saw the link to this. I am a big fan of kamandi, which is the earliest comic i remember owning (in 1974)

  5. Thanks Chris for this post, i just saw the link to this. I am a big fan of kamandi, which is the earliest comic i remember owning (in 1974)

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