CCL Podcast #252 – Adopt a Character (or Creator) for 2010

Collected Comics Library Podcast #252
15,180Kb; 16m 05s

It’s time once again for my annual Adopt a Character show. You are welcome to play along, it very easy and fun to do. Simply pick a character that you have always wanted to know more about and go out and do it! You have a full year to get acquainted with the character (or team) by reading as much you can. You may recall in 2007 I chose Thor, in 2008 I went with Luke Cage (with a bit of Iron Fist thrown in) and last year I read the entire 27 volume series of Will Eisner’s The Spirit.

For 2010 I chose Spider-Man, a character that I haven’t really read much of since the 1980’s. I have a very specific reason for doing so and I explain why in the podcast. Sure, I’ve kept up with Spidey’s career, it’s hard not too, but this time I’m going way back to the beginning and starting from Amazing Fantasy #15. Thanks to the Marvel Masterworks program (11 volumes so far) I get to read them in full color with Steve Ditko. Speaking of Ditko, I’ve decided to study his work more in depth, as well.

Also on this short show, I go over the page count flub of the upcoming Invincible Iron Man HC Volume 1 and Diamond 2009 Gem Award Nominees including the nominess for 2009 Reprint TP or HC of the Year.

All this and the New Releases of the Week.

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6 thoughts on “CCL Podcast #252 – Adopt a Character (or Creator) for 2010”

  1. Pingback: Damian Smith
  2. Enjoyed the podcast Chris. I was thinking about taking up a Comic rather than a character for 2010. I read a few issues of the UK war comic “Commando” as a kid and remembered really enjoying them. Carlton books have started re-releasing them as over sized collected editions with 12 issues per book so I decided to check them out.
    My first one flying over the pond to me will be:
    “Commando”: The Dirty Dozen
    Authors: George Low
    ISBN: 9781844423071
    Pages: 784

  3. Count me in this year. I think I’ll be taking up Hellboy/BPRD. I’ve got the three Hellboy library editions, so I’ll start there and pick up the trades along the way. Should be fun.

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