CCL Podcast #229 – Trading The Green Lantern Corps (Blackest Night)

Collected Comics Library Podcast #229
33,562Kb; 28m 25s

DC Comics is underway with their big summer event Blackest Night. Today on the show I look at two recent trade paperbacks that not only feature members of the Green Lantern Corp, but Corps members who are playing pivotal roles in said event. Including a few that are confirmed Black Lantern Corps members. One has to wonder if the stories that were chosen for Tales of the Green Lantern Corps: In Brightest Day (Volume 1, 2008) and Tales of the Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2, 2009) were done so by design or if it’s just coincidence. We also take a look at what Geoff Johns had to do with these books, and Alan Moore and the Green Lantern prophecies that he foretold, too.

Just a quick caveat before you listen to this podcast, this is a follow up to the Around Comics Blackest Night Podcast that is did earlier in the week (Monday July 29). You may want to listen to that round table discussion first.

As for news, there isn’t much to go on this week, just that’s no surprise. Comic Con 2009 starts today with Preview Night and I’ll be gathering and Twittering all the Collected Edition news and information I can find. Next week for CCL Podcast #230, I’ll go over it all in detail.

All this and the New Releases of the Week.


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