CCL Podcast #210 – Joe Keatinge, Image Comics, PR and Marketing Coordinator

Collected Comics Library Podcast #210
35,896Kb; 38m 45s

It’s safe to say that Image Comics gets “New Media”. Their writers, artists and management are easily accessible to interviews and opinion pieces and fully understand that social media and subsequent tools like podcasting are indispensable marketing tools. Today on the show, we showcase that effort and enthusiasm with an interview with Joe Keatinge, Image Comics, PR and Marketing Coordinator. You may recall that I’ve had Joe on the podcast before and he gave great insight to the company and upcoming titles. He continues that now by reflecting back on 2008 and looking forward to 2009 and gives some wonderful teases and announcements along the way. I want to thank Joe and Image Comics for allowing this interview to happen.

Also on the show, I go over some news that came out of the two big Conventions this past weekend: Mega Con (Orlando) and Wonder Con (San Francisco), including IDW’s Rocketeer and Family Circus reprint endeavors, DC’s Final Crisis Hardcover back step (which I Video Blogged about) and a long awaited Absolute Justice announcement.

All this and the New Releases of the Week.


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