CCL Podcast #186 – 2 Marvel Masterworks

Collected Comics Library Podcast #186

25,902Kb; 27m 37s

The first thing I should tell you about this weeks’ episode is that I was planning on reviewing 3 Masterworks not 2. I even went as far as to record the third part of the feature, but I decided to cut it all out during editing, which, if you listen closely, can hear the cuts. The segments I did leave in are Spider-Man Volume 10 and Golden Age Captain America Volume 2. Regarding the latter, you may want to read Rich Johnson’s Lying in the Gutters column, which I refer to, from a few weeks back.

Also on the show this week, Around Comics celebrates their 200th podcast, a PR on Parade with Fireworks from Image Comics and one older item: The Black Terror Omnibus, an “Essential” type book from Age of Adventure due out later this year.

All this including what I’m watching on TV this year and the New Releases of the Week.

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