CCL Podcast #182 – The Complete DC New Frontier

Collected Comics Library Podcast #182

36,080Kb; 38m 13s

It’s been in along time in the making, but it’s finally here – my big DC New Frontier Podcast. Today on the show I go over everything that is involved including The Absolute, the 2-Disc DVD and the New Frontier Special. All the contents, all the extras and even the action figures, Solo #5 and more! If you are a fan of Darwyn Cooke and New Frontier this is the episode for you and heck, even if you’ve never read it, this is for you, too. The New Frontier is part of the new classics that DC has been publishing and it is not to be missed.

Also on the show today, I go over Dark Horse’s new upcoming Four Volume Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery Hardcover Editions and two new Marvel Must Haves: 1985 and Kick-Ass both of which are coming out September 3rd. All this plus the New Releases of the Week.

I should also tell you that I’m off on vacation next week, so no Podcast, but I’ll still be Blogging. In the meantime you can catch me at the TwoMorrows Tune-In Podcast and Comic Book Page with John Mayo.

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Links of note:
DC Comics Official Site for Absolute New Frontier
Warner Bros. Official Site for New Frontier DVD

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Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank Premiere HC – BM
Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank Premiere HC – DM
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Foolkiller: Fool’s Paradise TPB
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3 thoughts on “CCL Podcast #182 – The Complete DC New Frontier”

  1. Good episode Chris, I think you may have enjoyed the NF DVD more than me because you had all that bacground. I thought it was just “okay”. I’m still waiting for the great DC straight-to-DVD release, from Marvel as well…

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