CCL On The Book Cave Podcast – Essentials, Showcases and More

Ric’s Comics Episode 63: Essentials, Showcases and More
11.2Mb; 97m 01s

Chris Marshall of the Collected Comics Library and Matt Moring of Altus Press join Ric to talk about comic trade paperbacks and hardbacks.

I’d like to thank Ric for having me on his show! It’s been two years since I was last on.

I’d also like to thank Matt for the Marvel Saga pic that you see here (FYI, it’s for sale – $40, contact Matt via his site and tell him I sent you). Matt has several homemade Archives and Masterworks and a wonderful collection of trades and hardcovers. Please visit his great company Altus Press featuring Pulps of yesterday and today.

This podcast episode originated on the The Book Cave podcast. And please excuse Ric’s audio. Thx!

In the USA…
Top Sellers this week! In Stock Trades
In the UK and Europe…
Pre-order books from Forbidden Planet International
DC for October
Walking Dead TP Vol 14 No Way Out (MR)
Hellboy Library Ed HC Vol 4 Crooked Man
Incal Classic Collection HC (Humanoids Ed) (MR)
Witchblade Vol 10 Witch Hunt TP – 100% off!
Green Lantern Brightest Day HC
Sixth Gun TP Vol 2
Buffy: TVS Season 8 TP Vol 8 Last Gleaming
Sweet Tooth TP Vol 3 Animal Armies (MR)
Legion Lost HC
Aquaman Death Of A Prince TP
Marvel – 40% off Special until July 27 – Astonishing Thor HC
DC – 40% off Special until July 27 – Green Lantern: War Of The Green Lanterns HC
Indie – 40% off Special until July 27 – The Art Of Vampire Knight
Manga – 40% off Special until July 27 – Drawing Down The Moon
Classic – 40% off Special until July 27 – Logicomix
Deadpool Vol 8: Operation Annihilation Premiere HC
Green Lantern Corps: The Weaponer HC
Definitive Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim Vol 1 HC
Everything: Comics From 1978-1981 HC
Cage Of Eden Vol 1

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