CCL on Comic Book Page: March 2012 Collected Edition Sale Estimates

John Mayo from Comic Book Page and CBR and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comics Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the Top 300 Graphic Novels and Collected Editions for March 2012.

Listed are the Top 10 (Title, Price, Publisher and sales estimate):

  1. Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye $9.99 Image 5,880
  2. Hellboy Vol. 12 The Storm And The Fury $19.99 Dark Horse 5,617
  3. Boys Vol. 10 Butcher Baker Candlestickmaker $19.99 Dynamic Forces 5,283
  4. Flashpoint $14.99 DC 4,976
  5. X-Men Season One Prem HC $24.99 Marvel 4,322
  6. DMZ Vol. 11 Free States Rising $19.99 DC 3,971
  7. Star Wars Clone Wars Yr Vol. 7 Enemy Within $7.99 Dark Horse 3,773
  8. Flashpoint World of Flashpoint Batman $17.99 DC 3,500
  9. Northlanders Vol. 6 Thors Daughter $14.99 DC 3,444
  10. Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us $14.99 Image 3,425

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