CCL on Comic Book Page: December 2012 Collected Edition Sale Estimates

Mayo Report: 2012-12 Trades
Mayo Report: 2012-12 Trades

John Mayo from Comic Book Page and CBR and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comics Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the Top 300 Graphic Novels and Collected Editions for December 2012.

Top 10
Walking Dead, Walking Dead. OK let’s move on. Saga, by Brian K. Vaughn seems to be the breakout book of 2012. I’m sure it will get several Eisner nods later this summer at Comic Con. Overall, as you can see, Image did very well in December.

Rank Title Publisher Price Estimated Sales
1 Walking Dead v1: Days Gone Bye Image Comics $9.99 9,859
2 Walking Dead v2: Miles Behind Us Image Comics $14.99 5,715
3 Chew v6: Space Cakes Image Comics $14.99 5,636
4 Saga v1 Image Comics $9.99 4,749
5 Fatale v2: Devils Business Image Comics $14.99 4,287
6 Walking Dead v3: Safety Behind Bars Image Comics $14.99 4,250
7 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 v2: On Your Own Dark Horse $17.99 3,943
8 Green Lantern (2011) v2: Revenge of the Black Hand DC Comics $24.99 3,649
9 Walking Dead v17: Something to Fear Image Comics $14.99 3,600
10 Daredevil By Mark Waid v2 Marvel Comics $15.99 3,579

DC Comics notables
If you’ve been following this particular monthly post then you’ll notice that I have taken off the DC New 52 section. I felt that since that all the Volume 1’s have been published and that we are halfway through the Volume 2’s there really isn’t anything that special, however, I will list any notable DC book here, in this section from now on.
The New 52 Zero Omnibus came out in December and for the hardcore collector out there, it sold pretty much as expected. Kamandi, on the other hand, sold very well. I hope that the entire line of Kamandi comics will be collected in this format – and not just the Jack Kirby run.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
67 Kamandi Last Boy On Earth Omnibus v2 $49.99 1,321
158 DC Comics the New 52 Zero Omnibus $150.00 663

Marvel notables
It’s pretty much Jason Aaron’s month. Hulk and Wolverine sold well. Perhaps Aaron could do a full blown crossover someday.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
45 Deadpool Dead $39.99 1,675
58 Wolverine and X Men By Jason Aaron v4 Premiere HC $19.99 1,422
96 Incredible Hulk By Jason Aaron v2 HC $34.99 1,063
83 Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Captain America v6 HC $74.99 1,170
121 Essential X Factor v5 $19.99 867

Other notables
So many other great books shipped in December, I’m sure many fanboys had a Merry Christmas. Valiant and its’ properties have been selling well on the monthly side and as you can see here, there is also a collected edition audience. If you missed the Fear Agent (Omnibus) hardcover, you may have trouble finding it. It was under ordered and is already going on a third (and perhaps final) printing. If you are unfamiliar with Anomaly, as I was, John gives us the rundown on this very interesting book.

Rank Title Publisher Price Estimated Sales
27 X-O Manowar (2012) v1: By the Sword TP Valiant $9.99 2,113
71 Judge Dredd Complete Brian Bolland HC IDW $49.99 1,273
110 Walking Dead Omnibus v4 HC Image $100.00 963
126 Fear Agent v1 HC Dark Horse $49.99 839
127 Tarzan Russ Manning Years v1 HC Dark Horse $49.99 835
139 Weird Horrors and Daring Adventures Joe Kubert Archives v1 HC Fantagraphics $39.99 759
151 Star Trek Newspaper Strips v1 HC IDW $49.99 701
225 Anomaly Anomaly $75.00 437
252 Walking Dead Omnibus v4: S/N Limited Ed HC Image $150.00 400
271 Space Family Robinson Archives v5 HC Dark Horse $49.99 353

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