CCL Podcast #225 – Trading Captain America

Collected Comics Library Podcast #225
32,534Kb; 27m 32s

The big news that’s got the internet all buzzing is that Steve Rogers is going to be Reborn as Captain America, but I say he never really went away. Sure, he may be lying dead in a grave in the 616 Marvel Universe, but he is alive and well in three other current titles (OK, maybe just two, we’re still waiting for Loeb and Sale’s Captain America: White). So in honor of Cap #600 (or #51) or Captain America Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1 or Reborn #1 or whatever we take a look at the Collected Editions of Captain America through the years – Golden Atlas, Silver, Modern, and beyond.

Also this week a look at the Collected Edition non-announcements from Wizard World Philly and Heroes Con, the non-happenings of the DC Showcase Presents line and Robert Crumb and his $500 Book of Genesis. Good Lord!

All this and the New Releases of the Week.


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