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CCL Podcast #337 – 2012 Summer Movie and Collected Edition Tie-In Retrospective

Collected Comics Library Podcast #337
25.4Mb; 38m 36s

I was a summer unlike any other. The Avengers finally assembled, Batman finished up his trilogy and we had a reboot of one of the most iconic heroes ever in The Amazing Spider-man. But how well did they do at the box office and now that the movies are done, what should you pick up to read? I answer those questions and go over several other movies from the summer including all the animated films.

I also go over the 2012 Harvey Award Winners and answer an email why the Batman Archives Volume 7 is selling at $300!!!


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The Philip K. Dick Reader

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CCL Podcast #326 – Trading Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man

Collected Comics Library Podcast #326
28.8Mb; 31m 25s

There’s been several great artists and writers on Spider-Man throughout the decades. One of my all time favorites is Todd McFarlane. Back in the late 1980’s I picked up a handfull of his run on Amazing Spider-Man, but I was also one of the fanboys who bought one of the 2.5 millions copies of Spider-Man #1 in 1990 – Silver and Gold covers and all!

Come this June, Marvel will have collected all of McFarlane’s comics on Spidey, and today we take a look back on the complete body of work, the collected edition formats and even a lesson on how to read one of the hardcovers.

Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus By David Michelinie & Todd McFarlane
Marvel Premiere Classic: Spider-Man: Torment (Variant Volume 27)
Marvel Premiere Classic: Spider-Man: Masques (Variant Volume 83)
Marvel Premiere Classic: Spider-Man: Perceptions (Variant Volume 95)

Also on the show today I talk about Before Watchmen (aka the Watchmen Prequels) and how all those controversial comics may get collected.

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DC Comics Fall 2012
Vertigo Comics Fall 2012

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Absolute Death Of Superman?

Last week Marvel released the teaser image for the Death Of Spider-Man storyline which will begin February 2011. Details are very limited but it looks like it will start in Amazing Spider-Man #654.1. Note that this issue will be part of Marvel’s Point One series of books that are self contained stories and jumping on points for readers. Repercussions from this line will be explored all throughout the Marvel Universe in 2011.

But the real fun began just a few days later when DC Comics ran their own promo for Doomsday Will Reign and featured the familiar, bloody Superman logo circa 1992. Not surprisingly, fanboy reaction is running wild as to what this could mean. Most likely is that it will be the return of Doomsday in the pages of Superman, Action and Legion of Superheroes.

Some even speculated that in the wake of the promo that an Absolute Death And Return Of Superman is forthcoming. The mere notion of that was troubling to me because it was only three years ago when DC published the Hardcover, Standard sized, Omnibus, 784 pages including 40 pages of bonus material for $75.00. Why would DC repackage it? The answer is obvious. DC (and Marvel) republish classic titles and tie them into current story lines (or movies and TV) to help keep the past alive. Even though bigger isn’t always better, I’m now all for it if DC decides to go this route with Doomsday.

The reason being is that the Hardcover Omnibus is out of print. If you check out eBay or Amazon the asking price is about $100. Not terribly unreasonable considering the initial price. It’s too bad that this version, of such a pertinent story, of the Superman mythos isn’t republished or kept in print as much Dark Knight Returns or Watchmen – even as a trade paperback. If DC does the Absolute version, expect a price jump to the normal $99 point. It should include everything the Omnibus has and perhaps a little more, and without a doubt you’ll get the slipcase.

CCL Podcast #252 – Adopt a Character (or Creator) for 2010

Collected Comics Library Podcast #252
15,180Kb; 16m 05s

It’s time once again for my annual Adopt a Character show. You are welcome to play along, it very easy and fun to do. Simply pick a character that you have always wanted to know more about and go out and do it! You have a full year to get acquainted with the character (or team) by reading as much you can. You may recall in 2007 I chose Thor, in 2008 I went with Luke Cage (with a bit of Iron Fist thrown in) and last year I read the entire 27 volume series of Will Eisner’s The Spirit.

For 2010 I chose Spider-Man, a character that I haven’t really read much of since the 1980’s. I have a very specific reason for doing so and I explain why in the podcast. Sure, I’ve kept up with Spidey’s career, it’s hard not too, but this time I’m going way back to the beginning and starting from Amazing Fantasy #15. Thanks to the Marvel Masterworks program (11 volumes so far) I get to read them in full color with Steve Ditko. Speaking of Ditko, I’ve decided to study his work more in depth, as well.

Also on this short show, I go over the page count flub of the upcoming Invincible Iron Man HC Volume 1 and Diamond 2009 Gem Award Nominees including the nominess for 2009 Reprint TP or HC of the Year.

All this and the New Releases of the Week.

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CCL Podcast #232 – Spider-Man: Torment Marvel Premiere Classic (Variant Volume 27) by Todd McFarlane

I remember 1990 very well. I was off and running at college without a worry in the world, well there was one worry – I collected comic books. Yes even back then I would have been shamed if anyone found out: my family, my fraternity brothers and my girlfriend. Not only did I have all that to deal with but I went to college in a small town that didn’t have a comic book store. My LCS was 200 miles away back in Detroit, but as I was saying I do remember that magical summer of 1990 – and Todd McFarlane was right there with me.

I was a Marvel guy back then and I had to literally memorize art styles, writing habits, continuity and who was on what book. Not to get all nostalgic but it was a lot harder to figure everything out with no internet to log on to but it was a whole lot more fun. I can’t recall when, where or how I got the news, but hot shot Todd McFarlane, who was coming off of Amazing Spider-Man was starting up a brand new Spidy series – simply titled: Spider-Man; no Amazing, Spectacular or Web Of in the moniker. I’m sure MacFarlane could have gone with any adjective he wanted to, but with his explosive art and story telling ability he left it up to the reader to fill in the blank.

Now Marvel has once again collected the first five issue storyline called Torment as part of their Marvel Premiere Classic Hardcover line of books (Variant Volume #27). They previously did so a few times but only as a Trade Paperback. McFarlane does just about everything (art, write, color, covers) but does get some artistic help from Bob Sharen and Gregory Wright, Rick Parker also does the lettering.

The story is set up in a noir style with giant backdrops of New York City. In fact upon rereading the first few pages it I could have been a Frank Miller Daredevil book. It’s a typical day for Peter and Mary Jane, a free wheeling couple; he jokes while she laughs along for they know, as well as the reader, that at the end everything will work out fine because Spider-Man always saves the day. But what happens in between the five issues? What does McFarlane have in store for our hero? It turns out Spidey gets a beat down by his old college professor Dr. Curt Conners aka The Lizard and it’s a bad one. But the Lizard is being manipulated by The Witch aka Calypso, who is an associate of the original Kraven The Hunter, and feels the thrill of the hunt herself. By poisoning Spider-Man and a manipulating the Lizard, a whole lot of tormenting is going on.

Besides this collected edition reprinting #1-5, there is also Marvel Age #90 (1990) in which McFarlane does the interior art and the cover and is interviewed inside. There is also a very funny piece by Fred Hembeck, where Spider-Man is covered in bandages and complains that he wants nothing more to do with Todd MacFarlane because all he does is beat the crap out of him. One problem with this satirical farce is that it gets lost in the gutter of the book and one funny punch line is unreadable. It does have an introduction by Jim Salicrup, who was the editor on the book at the time, but it’s just a reprinting of his intro from the1991 first trade paperback printing. This is rather disappointing. I would of like to of seen a reflection of this material by some one from today (Brian Michael Bendis, perhaps?) and why this story has stood the test of time.

As per other MPC’s Marvel has reprinted not only the cover art for each individual issue, but also the variant cover art of which there were several. This was the beginning of the foil cover age at Marvel and just about every book was had silver all over it. I can say that reprinting a foil cover does not work. What Marvel has done here, does not give the original artwork justice. The variants come out flat and dark, not at all how they looked on the newsstand 18 years. Sure, it’s nice to have them included, but it’s true when I say they have lost their luster. Track them down at a convention to understand what I mean. Lastly, I should let you know that, this book works very well as a pseudo-sequel to Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt, which was collected as the very first Marvel Premiere Classic Hardcover.

When it was released Torment didn’t get the best reviews, but I think it has aged fairly well. The pace is exciting, the horror is a page away and there isn’t too much MJ, which in this case is a good thing. I’d like to see Marvel continue on with McFarlane Spider-Man run; it doesn’t have to be in hardcover either. I think the Classic line of trade paperbacks would do nicely.

Marvel Premiere Classic: Spider-Man: Torment (Variant Volume 27) Collects Spider-Man #1-5 and Marvel Age #90, 136 pgs, $19.99

For more comments on this book and the latest Collected Edition news on the upcoming Fantastic Four Omnibus by Mark Millar and Brian Hitch and the Wednesday Comics series of Trade Paperbacks, please listen to the Podcast.
Collected Comics Library Podcast #232
24,417Kb; 25m 46s

All this and the New Releases of the Week.


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