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CCL Podcast #372 – Adopt A Character 2014

Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Heroes Volume 3 Namor, The Sub-Mariner
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Heroes Volume 3 Namor, The Sub-Mariner

Collected Comics Library Podcast #372
29.6Mb; 31m 42s
Well it’s that time of year again, time to Adopt a Character, creator, genre or just about anything else in the world of comic books and get acquainted with it all year long. It’s more of a challenge than anything else, and it’s been a fun way to read something out of the norm or try something new.
Here’s the rundown of what I have picked in past years:

2007: Thor
2008: Luke Cage and Iron Fist
2009: The Spirit Archives Volumes 1-27
2010: Steve Ditko’s Spider-Man
2011: Silver Age X-Men
2012: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
2013: Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

As you can see, it’s been mostly Marvel and that’s no different this time around. I’m going with Namor, The Sub-Mariner. I have all of the Masterworks, but I am going to forgo the Golden Age for now and start with Namor’s appearances in the Atlas Era and then move to his solo Silver Age adventures. Namor, of course, was created by the great Bill Everett and was with him all the way up until his death, a death that came all too soon. You may recall that Blake Bell has put together a very nice two-volume set of The Bill Everett Archives and the biography Fire & Water over at Fantagraphics. I read Volume 1, but have yet to read Volume 2. I think that is where I will begin. I will keep you posted throughout the year on my progress and for fun I will also be reading more of the Classic Valiant universe. More on that in the podcast.

Also on the show there’s a great question that I received from LinkedIn, of all places, on “What are the best Omnibus’ to buy?” – a loaded question, if there ever was one! That’s leads me to the unofficial announcement of the Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus due out in July. Here are the particulars (which are different from the Wikipedia entry):

Silver Surfer (1987) 34-38, 40, 44-60; Thanos Quest 1-2; Infinity Gauntlet 1-6; Cloak & Dagger (1988) 18; Spider-Man (1990) 17; Incredible Hulk 383-385; Dr. Strange, Sorceror Supreme 31-36; Quasar 26-27; Sleepwalker 7; 1248 pages; July 15, 2014

Lastly, I do a rundown of the contents included in Batman: The TV Stories. This book is on the heels of the excellent Batman ’66 comic and the companion book will add a “Biff! Bam! Zonk! Pow!” punch to your collected editions library. You’ll be surprised just how DC put together this very affordable, very fun trade.


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CCL Podcast #349 – Happiness Is A Worn Book

Peanuts Every Sunday: 1952-1955 (Vol. 1)
Peanuts Every Sunday: 1952-1955 (Vol. 1)

Collected Comics Library Podcast #349
22.8Mb; 24m 47s

Today on the show I go over a host of different collected edition and reprint projects including:

  • The Peanuts Every Sunday from Fantagraphics – A 10 Volume set starting with strips from 1952-1955, due in November 2013.
  • Diamond’s Top 15 Collected Editions of 2012 – John Mayo and I will be recording our podcast on the entire Top 500 soon. I’ll post on this blog when it go live.
  • X-Files comics from IDW, who plans not only reprints of the series, but also new comic books, too.
  • A question regarding the missing Sandman Mystery Theater trade paperbacks.
  • The formation of comiXology Europe and what that may mean for English versions of hard-to-find Franco-Belgian and European comics, including Moebius.
  • Another plea for help with the When We Went MAD! documentary.
  • Presented here is the rundown all the Marvel NOW! Hardcovers that will include the Marvel Digital Codes:


All this plus some Product and Shipping news – all of which can be found on the updated Collected Edition Release Schedule.


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Indestructible Hulk Vol 1: Agent of SHIELD Premiere HC

CCL Podcast #336 – Comics: Stripped Bare

Collected Comics Library Podcast #336
31.4Mb; 34m 15s

In last week’s podcast #335, I mentioned my love for classic comics strips: Flash Gordon, Tarzan, Buck Rogers, Mandrake…the list goes on. This week I take that concept a bit further and look at the September 5, 2012 Detroit Free Press Sunday Comics. Don’t worry, I don’t read all four pages verbatim, but I do explore each one and give my thoughts – some of which I have never heard of.

I also go a little more in depth from yesterday’s post on the EC Comics Archives from GC Press and the upcoming EC Comics Library from Fantagraphics. Where did GC, and Gemstone for that matter, go wrong? Can Fantagraphics succeed with the new format? Is Kickstarter an option for older comics like these? Loaded questions for sure and I freely admit I don’t have all the answers – but I’m damn close.

All this and a quick rundown of the week’s best new comic book collected edition releases!

Links of Note:
Stripper’s Guide – Allan Holtz
Daily Cartoonist – Alan Gardner

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Scalped TP Vol 9 Knuckle Up (MR)
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Best American Comics 2012 HC

EC Archives Are Dead! Long Live The EC Library!

It was an ambitious project from the start.

The EC Comics Archives, the reprint series from Gemstone was started in 2006 and only lasted 13 Volumes. GC Press, along with Gemstone editor Michael Kronenberg, tried to revive the Archives, but sadly, it only lasted two more volumes. That was nine months ago and there are no new solicitations in the foreseeable future. You can find the entire list of books on the CCL’s Library page.

That’s not to say that there are no new EC reprints out. IDW had the Wally Wood’s EC Stories Artist’s Edition and Fantagraphics has their own upcoming line: The EC Comics Library.

“Came the Dawn” and Other Stories by Wally Wood
$28.99, 208 pages, November 15, 2012

“Corpse on the Imjin” and Other Stories by Harvey Kurtzman
$28.99, 240 pages, November 15, 2012

“‘Taint The Meat…It’s The Humanity!” and Other Stories by Jack Davis
$28.99, 240 pages, January 9, 2013

“50 Girls 50″ and Other Stories by Al Williamson
$28.99, 240 pages, January 9, 2013

UPDATE: I received word that GC may be publishing Tales from the Crypt Volume 4 and Two-Fisted Tales Volume 3. However that info was from last April. I hope the Archives are not “dead”, but I don’t see any evidence that the program is still going strong. I hope I am proven wrong.

Free Comics 2012! Now What?

You went out to your local comic book store for Free Comic Book Day 2012 on Saturday and today I go over all the titles that were available and what collected editions (or other books) are related to each title or publisher. In the past I have done this as a podcast episode and it had been one of my most downloaded shows of the year. I now bring it to you as a post and you can still come back and reference this (and previous years, see below) for informational purposes, if you’re so inclined.

2012 Gold Comics

  • Avengers Age Of Ultron 0.1 (Marvel)
    • You saw the movie now go pick up classic Avengers with a Masterwork or Essential and better still The Avengers: Under Siege HC (my all time favorite).
  • Bongo Comics Free-For-All/Spongebob Freestyle Funnies Flip-Book (Bongo Comics)
    • I recommend the Cine-manga books published by Tokyopop.
  • DC Comics The New 52 #1 (DC Comics)
    • The collected editions of the New 52 have started to roll out. Pick up the Animal Man trade paperback.
  • Image 20 Anthology (Image)
    • Want to know more about the history of Image Comics? Pick up Image Comics: The Road To Independence by George Khoury.
  • Mega Man Let The Games Begin (Archie Comics)
    • There are two Mega Man trades; Volume 3 is dues in August.
  • Mouse Guard Labyrinth And Other Stories HC (Archaia Entertainment)
    • This a very nice hardcover and I wish more publishers will follow this example. Start at the beginning with Volume 1: Mouse Guard: Fall 1152
  • Peanuts/Adventure Time Flip-Book (Boom! Studios)
    • I’m not sure what Boom’s long term plans for Peanuts is, but Fantagraphics keeps on rolling out the classic strip in their year-by-year collected editions.
  • Star Wars/Serenity Flip-Book (Dark Horse)
    • The Star Wars story here is with Han and Chewy takes place before SW:ANH. Serenity, on the other hand, takes place shortly after its’ movie. Plenty of trades, movies and tv shows to go around.
  • Transformers #80.5 (IDW)
    • I like the Classic books that reprint the old Marvel series.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Free Comic Book Time (Oni Press)
    • I had no idea that people such as Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer, Mike Allred, J. Torres, J. Bone, Jamie S. Rich are working on this series. There are a few trades in stores in your kid wants more.

2012 Silver Comics

  • 2000 AD Judge Dredd Special (Rebellion)
    • Get ready for an onslaught on Judge Dredd this summer with the move coming out. I’m unsure if it will be a hit with American audiences, though. For more pick up the Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 1-4
  • Animal Planet The World’s Most Dangerous Animals 2012 (Zenescope Entertainment)
    • This comic sounds silly but is actually very educational. There’s a good trade of these fierce Grizzly Bears, giant Salt Water Crocodiles, rogue Lions and more that is available now.
  • Anti (12 Gauge Comics)
    • Looks like this is a new title, so no trade yet. But if you liked this try The Ride TP, the first comics from 12 Gauge.
  • Arcana Presents The Intrinsic #1 (Arcana Studio)
    • Another new title. I don’t read anything from Arcana but I hear good things about Amour.
  • Atomic Robo And Friends (Red 5 Comics)
    • My good friend John Mayo scolded me for not picking up this fun, sci-fi title. Good thing there are a few trades out there so I can get up to speed.
  • Bad Medicine #1 (Oni Press)
    • Besides the FCBD edition there are three issues, so I expect a trade to get solicited soon.
  • Barry Sonnenfeld’s Dinosaurs Vs Aliens (Liquid Comics)
    • Why Barry Sonnenfeld would headline a comic book is beyond me, but he does seem like the right guy for this title – he directed Men In Black and several other sci-fi movies. The expanded graphic novel is expected later this summer.
  • Crockett Johnson’s Barnaby Sampler (Fantagraphics)
    • I loved Harold And The Purple Crayon by Johnson and never read his strip Barnaby, but thanks to the upcoming high quality reprint series I will get my chance.
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer/The Guild Flip-Book (Dark Horse)
    • Real simple here – get the Buffy Omnibus volumes. There’s seven of them! As far as The Guild goes, one trade is out and one more upcoming in July.
  • Burt Ward Boy Wonder #1 (Bluewater Productions)
    • I guess this will make a good companion to the Adam West book.
  • Censored Howard Cruse (Boom! Studios)
    • I looked at this on Saturday, but elected not to take it home with me. It’s an anthology of Howard Cruse underground comix. Good stuff and important work. There are several collections of his work available from a variety of publishers.
  • DC Nation Super Sampler/Superman Family Flip-Book (DC Comics)
    • A great kids sampler. I hope DC puts this out every year. Pick up Tiny Titans.
  • Finding Gossamyr And The Stuff Of Legend IV (Th3rd World Studios)
    • Another new series. All ages. Looks pretty good for kids who are into fantasy and adventure.
  • Graphic Elvis Preview (Liquid Comics)
    • If you liked this one there is a limited edition hardcover of the full story in the wild. Only 2500 copies and only $195.00.
  • Incredible Rockhead/Zinc Alloy 2-For-None (Stone Arch Books)
    • Stone Arch is a division of Capstone and there is a trade, from 2009, of this title. This is for younger kids.
  • Infernal Devices Clockwork Angel (Yen Press)
    • A prequel to Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series. The trade of this title will be out at Christmas.
  • Jurassic Strikeforce 5 Preview (Zenescope Entertainment)
    • 5 issues of this title out so far, including the 0 issue. I expect the trade to be solicited soon.
  • Lady Death The Beginning (Boundless Comics)
    • Lady Death has been around since 1991 (first Chaos! Comics, then CrossGen, and then Avatar, later Boundless) so there is a fair amount of reprint material to be had.
  • Moomin Color Special (Drawn and Quarterly)
    • Moomin is a strip by Tove Jansen, D&Q says that a new collection is due in September.
  • My Favorite Martian Special Edition (Hermes Press)
    • Hermes released the first of two reprint volumes last summer.
  • Overstreet’s Comic Book Marketplace (Gemstone)
    • A staple FCBD every year. Everyone ought to own an Overstreet guide book.
  • Smurfs/Disney Fairies Featuring Tinker Bell Flip-Book (Papercutz)
    • While at FCBD, my daughter Erin bought The Smurfette trade paperback. I have to say these books are smurf! The 12th Volume is due in June.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Two Steps Back Special Edition (Archie Comics)
    • Believe it or not, the 19th Sonic Archive is due in December, it will collect #71-74.
  • Spider-Man Season One (Marvel)
    • The hardcovers of Marvel’s “Season One” line looks to be very good. Out now is Spider-Man, Daredevil, X-Men and Fantastic Four. Upcoming titles include Ant-Man and Hulk.
  • Hypernaturals #1 (Boom! Studios)
    • I’m a big fan of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. There work on Ressurection Man is great and they did wonders for the Marvel cosmic universe. They know their sci-fi and I bet this will be a good great book.
  • Top Shelf Kids Club 2012 (Top Shelf)
    • Another FCBD book my daughter picks up every year. She’s a sucker for Owly. There are currently five Owly digests, with a sixth one promised.
  • Valiant 2012 Preview (Valiant Entertainment)
    • I missed this book at FCBD, but I expect that Valiant will reprint their classic titles. They did so a few years back with X-O, Archer & Armstrong and Harbinger.
  • Voltron Force Shelter From The Storm (Viz Media)
    • Voltron is hot right now! Not only is the kid-friendly Voltron being published by Viz, but the teen/adult Voltron can be found at Dynamite.
  • Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Family Comics (Fantagraphics)
    • Fantagraphics is doing some wonderful reprints of classic Disney. If you like Mouse and Duck be sure to buy them.
  • Witchblade Unbalanced Pieces (Image)
    • I never got into Witchblade, but if I ever do, I’ll buy the big, oversized Witchblade Compendiums.
  • Worlds Of Aspen 2012 (Aspen MLT)
    • A simple sampler of Aspen Comics. I’m not into any of these titles. If you are, please let me know what is a good title.
  • Zombie Kid (Antarctic Press)
    • Antarctic Press had to drop the “Diary Of A” part of the title and change the trade dress in order for it to get published.  A funny parody of the Jeff Kinney series and better then the other rip-off, girl version called Dork Diaries.