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A Different Look for the new EC Archives Tales From The Crypt Volume 1

EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt Volume 1 HC (Dark Horse)
EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt Volume 1 HC (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse has released their April 2015 Solicitations and one book that caught me off guard was the EC Archives: Tales From The Crypt Volume 1. Visitors of this blog will know that Dark Horse recently took over the publishing of the EC Archives from GC Press (and before that Gemstone). Up until now all of the Dark Horse EC Archives have been new books, but now we get the first reprint of a Gemstone book. By first glance, and there isn’t much to go on, it looks to contain the exact contents: Issues 1-6 (or The Crypt of Terror #17–#19 and Tales from the Crypt #20–#22). You can see from the original book cover (see below) that the banner color has changed from Red to Green (with other minor changes) and the new version will have the Dark Horse logo on the spine. We’ll have to wait and see what the interiors look like, as it is set up a little different than the other runs.

Here is the official solicit:

The Greatest Horror Title of All Time!
EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt Volume 1 HC
Al Feldstein (W/A/Cover), Gardner Fox (W), Johnny Craig (W/A), Ivan Klapper (W), Bill Gaines (W), George Roussos (A), Wally Wood (A), Harvey Kurtzman (A), Graham Ingels (A), and Jack Kamen (A)
On sale June 10
FC, 216 pages
HC, 8 1/4″ x 11″
As any fan of comics knows, EC comics still represent the best of Golden Age writing and artwork. Now, Dark Horse Books is proud to bring you the very first issues of EC’s Tales from the Crypt, featuring the amazing artistic talents of Johnny Craig, Al Feldstein, George Roussos, Wally Wood, Harvey Kurtzman, Graham Ingels, and Jack Kamen! Collects The Crypt of Terror #17–#19 and Tales from the Crypt #20–#22 in full color!

OLD - EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt Volume 1 HC (Gemstone)
OLD – EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt Volume 1 HC (Gemstone)

CCL Podcast #336 – Comics: Stripped Bare

Collected Comics Library Podcast #336
31.4Mb; 34m 15s

In last week’s podcast #335, I mentioned my love for classic comics strips: Flash Gordon, Tarzan, Buck Rogers, Mandrake…the list goes on. This week I take that concept a bit further and look at the September 5, 2012 Detroit Free Press Sunday Comics. Don’t worry, I don’t read all four pages verbatim, but I do explore each one and give my thoughts – some of which I have never heard of.

I also go a little more in depth from yesterday’s post on the EC Comics Archives from GC Press and the upcoming EC Comics Library from Fantagraphics. Where did GC, and Gemstone for that matter, go wrong? Can Fantagraphics succeed with the new format? Is Kickstarter an option for older comics like these? Loaded questions for sure and I freely admit I don’t have all the answers – but I’m damn close.

All this and a quick rundown of the week’s best new comic book collected edition releases!

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EC Archives Are Dead! Long Live The EC Library!

It was an ambitious project from the start.

The EC Comics Archives, the reprint series from Gemstone was started in 2006 and only lasted 13 Volumes. GC Press, along with Gemstone editor Michael Kronenberg, tried to revive the Archives, but sadly, it only lasted two more volumes. That was nine months ago and there are no new solicitations in the foreseeable future. You can find the entire list of books on the CCL’s Library page.

That’s not to say that there are no new EC reprints out. IDW had the Wally Wood’s EC Stories Artist’s Edition and Fantagraphics has their own upcoming line: The EC Comics Library.

“Came the Dawn” and Other Stories by Wally Wood
$28.99, 208 pages, November 15, 2012

“Corpse on the Imjin” and Other Stories by Harvey Kurtzman
$28.99, 240 pages, November 15, 2012

“‘Taint The Meat…It’s The Humanity!” and Other Stories by Jack Davis
$28.99, 240 pages, January 9, 2013

“50 Girls 50″ and Other Stories by Al Williamson
$28.99, 240 pages, January 9, 2013

UPDATE: I received word that GC may be publishing Tales from the Crypt Volume 4 and Two-Fisted Tales Volume 3. However that info was from last April. I hope the Archives are not “dead”, but I don’t see any evidence that the program is still going strong. I hope I am proven wrong.

EC Archives Comparison – Gemstone v. GC Press

This is a comparison of the EC Archives as done by Gemstone Publishing and GC Press with Vault Of Horror Volumes 1 and 2.

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I welcome your comments and questions.

Sunday Review: Blazing Combat HC

Today is 9/11 and we will never forget.

The old saying is, War Is Hell. That is a fact and it can’t be disputed, but war is also necessary part of human life. We often think that war is evil, but it can also lead to good. People fight for their freedom, they fight to protect the innocent, they fight to keep the oppressors at bay. For decades it has become depicted in movies, TV, novels, and nowadays video games, but I feel it’s best portrayed in comics.

Sure we all have the images of the opening of Saving Private Ryan embedded in our brain, but with still pictures or artwork we can come back to it again and again. The anguish and blood staring us right back in our face. The silent bullets on the page suddenly make a horrific noise that only we can create. Comic fanboys have read Sgt. Rock or The Howling Commandos which are realistic in many ways, but there was a time when a comic mag got down right truthful. I’m speaking of Blazing Combat #1-4 (1965-66, Warren) and recently Fantagraphics collected the run in both hardcover and softcover.

Blazing Combat was an anthology comic that showed the very dark and very real side of war. A loose followup to the EC Comics War genre books, it showed US G. I.’s dying in terrible ways, commanders giving orders with little regard for consequences and the militaristic definition of collateral damage. Jim Warren let it all hangout when it came to editing Archie Goodwin’s writing, who worked on every single story except for three. Of course Goodwin is a genius and I’m usually more of a word-man when it comes to comics, but this time it’s the art that captured my attention. It’s a who’s-who of monster talent including Alex Toth, Wally Wood, Gray Morrow, Joe Orlando, Reed Crandall, Angelo Torres, Gene Colon, George Evens, John Severin, and Russ Heath. It’s the Live-Aid of Pencilers! Need I say more?

You could say that Blazing Combat was ahead of its time or that it came out at the right time. Big Brother Washington did take notice by issue #2 and it was all shut down with #4 and some even labeled it anti-war propaganda. There my be some truth to that because there was so much opposition to Vietnam at the time. Jim Warren and Archie Goodwin hints at this in two separate interviews conducted by Michael Cantron. Also included are all four, full color covers and other selected artwork and photographs.

Today is 9/11 and we should never forget – any war – and with works like this, thankfully, we never will.

Blazing Combat HC
Written by Archie Goodwin and others
Art by Various
Introductions and notes by Michael Cantron
208 pages, $28.99, 2009, Fantagraphic Books
Collects Bazing Combat #1-4 (1965-66, Warren Publishing)
2010 Eisner Award Nominee: Best Archival Collection — Comic Books

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Fight The Enemy #1-3 (1966-67, Tower Comics)