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A New Day For Digital Comics News

dgtl_225Three years ago I wanted to branch out my comic book blogging and podcasting and created The website was to be a curation of digital comics news and link repository for companies entering the space including Comixology, iVerse, DC and Marvel and whoever else. However, balancing collected edition news and digital news  along with work and family became very cumbersome, so I only focused on the Twitter feed @DGTLcomics. That was a lot easier to mange – simply tweeting out news I picked up in RSS news feeds.

But even that has become somewhat of a burden as the digital comics landscape is no longer just a passing tech. It’s here and here to stay. So with that in mind, I am passing everything on to one of my loyal CCL friends, @CaptDS9E aka Joey Nazzari. I gave Joey full access and permission to do whatever he pleases to do with the property. He’s in complete control and I trust he’ll do a band up job.

Please give the new @DGTLcomics a follow and tell your friends about it.

…and welcome to the CCL family, Joey!


DGTL Comics is back (sort of)

Earlier today I received my normal Apple iTunes newsletter. In it contained a fascinating piece of information: Apple is now selling Marvel digital comics though its iBookstore.

Now I’ve been following the digital comics scene for a few years now (heck, it’s hard not too) and I even went to so far as to start my own blog titled DGTL Comics which was going to be the #1 resource for all things digital in the comic universe. Much like my Collected Comics Library is for collected editions and reprints. I was going to have a podcast, news, reviews and even the link dump that would help the user delineate between all the different portals and platforms.

Due to family, work, and my commitments to the CCL blog and podcast, it never really got off the ground, but now thanks to the big news of the day (perhaps the 2012 so far), I think I’m going to get back in the Digital Comics game.

Like I said, I’ve been aware of what’s been going on in digital and now I even own a 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab from Verizon and I read my comics with a nifty little program called Perfect Viewer from RookieStudio. It does the job well and I also have an account with Comixology.

For now my DGTL Comics relaunch is still unknown to me, but I am going to start up my @DGTLComics twitter feed, which has been dormant since October 10, 2010 – yes 2010!!! the funny thing is I get a few new followers every week.

If anyone has any passion for digital comics and would like to help me out I would greatly welcome your time. I can’t promise a thing other then it will be a fun ride.

The Trade Paperback is Dead – Again!

I remember in the late 1990’s that Trade Paperback would be dead and gone by 2005. Well it’s 2012 and trades are still here. In fact, they aren’t even waning. 2011 bought us a ton of deluxe editions and graphics novels, both hardcover and softcover. Even oversized Absolutes and Omnibuses made a comeback from a lackluster 2010. But one thing that didn’t go away was the regular old 128 page, $17.99 trade paperback that collects the latest five or six issues of a title. But this may not be the case for long.

The questions beckon – Why were we wrong? Why aren’t these cheap paperbacks a thing of the past? The answer may lie between now and the future. The major majority of comic book collectors are just not ready to move full on to digital. Yes, iPad and tablets are increasing in sales and so many more comics are going to a day-and-date release schedule, but I’m not talking about the monthly periodical comic. I’m talking about the softcover trade of recent material.

If anything I predict that the monthly book will live in cyberspace and the subsequent storyline will get packaged as a digital collected edition. Think of it in terms of a song on iTunes. Sure you can buy a song at a time, but it’s more affordable if you buy the album.
With that said, there’s no need for a publishing house to print the trade. Now the hardcover and special editions are something different. This is more like a Netflix model. You can easily download the movie (trade paperback) but if you want the extras, you’ll have to buy the 2-disc Blu-ray (Absolute).

I also must reiterate that I think DC, Marvel and others will still publish older material in the trade format IE Showcase Presents, Marvel Classic trades and softcover 6×9 Omnibuses – at least for now. Truly, though, what the market will bring is anyone’s guess. We still have newspapers and CDs and I really don’t want to live in a world where everything is digital. But thinking of it in terms of a comic book publisher it makes more sense to weed out the old format and make way for the new.

When will this take place?
I don’t know.
Be sure to check back in 5 years.

iPad coming to Verizon October 28th

I’ve been a big proponnet of Digital Comics for a long time now. I even started up the DGTL Comics Blog (which is now defunct) and Twitter Feed @DGTLComics. I’m also a big fan of Verizon Wirelees, thanks in large part that they help pay the bills around here. Add to this that I have never owned an Apple product outside of my three iPods. So it’s no wonder that I carry an DroidX Android phone in my pocket and use Google religiously. But I think that’s all about to change with the news that Apple’s iPad is coming to Verizon on October 28th.

Ever since the iPad was released, there has been talk, talk and more talk about Android tablets. But nothing has come out and even the specs of things to come do not look like they can complete with Apple’s product of the year. And really, I’m tired of waiting. Sure I could hold out to Christmas, but our family needs a new small computer and it would be nice to use the iPad as a multi media player, which is its true intenstion.

And I want to start reading my digital comics on it. I already have joined up with ComiXology,, iVerse and a few others and have read comics on my iPod Touch, but it’s just not the same. So I’ll keep you informed and who knows, perhaps the DGTL Comics blog will get a version 2.0.

No More DGTL Comics

The past 12 months have been an exciting time in the comic book industry: Marvel/Disney, IDW making huge improvements in sales and stature, and just a few days ago DC Comics restructuring, well, just about everything. Then there’s the rise of Digital Comics. Sure, digital has been around for a few years, but with the release of Apple’s iPad things really took off in 2010.

I admit that I got caught up in it. After all, digital comics are reprints, per sea, and I’m all about the reprints. I made a decision to start a new blog DGTL Comics after I met with David Steinberger, CEO of ComiXology, at C2E2 this past April. I could see the need for a place for people to go to get information, new and reviews of Digital Comics. I did do a few Blog posts and I wanted to get the DGTL Comics Podcast off the ground but it nave came to fruition. It’s been hard to get it off the ground and rather then letting it suffer and be stagnate, I am closing it down as of today. The DGTL Comics Twitter feed I set up however, has been excellent and easy to maintain and will continue to link to digital comics and technology news. I’ll also continue to to small digital news items on the Collected Comics Library Podcast each week.