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Meet Me At The Detroit Fanfare!

Detroit Fanfare
Detroit Fanfare

This weekend I’ll be at the Detroit FanFare hosting the TwoMorrow’s Publishing booth. The show is now in its fourth year and is Friday to Sunday at the Adoba Hotel Dearborn, 600 Town Center Dr., Dearborn, MI 48126.

I’ll be in the Great Lakes Ballroom across from Jeff Smith. In fact, I’ll have copies of Modern Masters: Jeff Smith so you can buy it and have Jeff sign it. How cool is that?!

Many of you know that I write for Back Issue magazine and I’ve been planning on this weekend for a long time. It’s a warm-up for the much bigger C2E2 2014. If all goes right at this show, I’ll be in Chicago next April. Also, every single book and magazine at the table is 50% off.

The Detroit Fanfare is a family friendly show, so no ex-wrestlers or has-been Playboy bunnies. Just a fun comic book show – that gets bigger and better every year.

Hope to see you there!

Motor City Comic Con Wrap-Up 2012

Let’s get this out of the way first: the Motor City Comic Con is not the best “comic book” show on earth. Far from it. For those of you who have attended you know what I speak of. It’s much more of a “pop culture” and “has-been celebrity” show with comic book vendors and artists thrown in the mix.

That said, I really enjoyed it this year. I usually bag on the show, as a whole, because there is too little in the way of comics, but as my kids get older and seeing how much they have fun, I take a step back and applaud it for what it’s worth.

I attended on Sunday which has become my normal routine because of a golf outing that I attend that just always happens to fall on the same weekend every year. I rarely have gone on Friday becuase I don’t live that close to the venue, the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. I went with my two kids Patrick (12) and Erin (9) and my friend Herman and his son Sean (13) who goes to the same school and plays baseball with Patrick. We got there at about 12:30 and stood inline for 40 minutes to get tickets! The price listed were $25 for adults and $10 for kids, but when we got to the ticket booth the kids turned out to be free. Upon entering Patrick and Sean took off with cash in hand. Now the con isn’t very big, so Herman and I knew we would run into them from time to time – and of course we did.

The three of us started up the far end of the show and quickly came across a vendor of half-off trades and hardcovers. I was looking for a few specifics such as Showcase Presents: The Spectre and Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo HC, both of which I never came across. Erin and I eventually split from Herman because she wanted popcorn and to play some kids games. I took a few photos of her and did some more shopping. I met two different vendors who were right up my alley. One was selling his complete run of Dark Horse Star Wars and the other his complete run of Punisher book. I found this funny because I’m trying to complete both runs. The Star Wars guy had Star Wars: Republic #67, which takes place during the Clone Wars and dons a nice cover of Anakin Skywalker. The Punisher guy had several comics that I needed including books in which the Punisher appears in titles like Moon Knight, Power Pack, Nomad, Secret Defenders, Quasar, Cage, Damage Control, Darkhold, Guardians of the Galaxy, Deathlok, The New Warriors and Motormouth from 1992, which was published by Marvel UK and credited to writer Graham Marks, pencils Gary Frank and inks Cam Smith.

Shortly thereafter I met up with my good friend, Mike Pfieffer, host of the Most People Are DJ’s podcast.  I’m really glad I did because Mike helped Patrick out meeting and greeting a few creators in artist’s alley. He brought along his sketchbook and was able to get some wonderful art from Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau (The Perhapanauts), Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl), Christian Slade (Korgi) and Andy Suriano (Batman: The Brave and the Bold). He also bought Teen Titans #1 (New 52) and two Bronze Age Iron Man books #91 and #92. Slowly he is collecting the who run by himself. I’m proud of the boy. Erin bought a few toy trinkets and a Korgi book which Slade was kind enough to sign. As for my companions, Herman bought a She-Hulk HC and a few other books, Sean bought a poster. On my why out I quickly stopped by one of the 50% off tables and picked up DC’s Invasion! TPB (1988).

All-in-all is was a good couple of hours. I didn’t spend too much money, I was able to get a bunch of books I needed, and the kids came away happy. That’s the most important thing. Having the kids grow up in a world that showcases great art. It’s not just superheroes and Saturday morning cartoons. You see at cons, they get the see the art being created before their own eyes. And that’s something they will remember forever.

CCL Podcast Special – Comic Book Podcast Panel, Detroit Fanfare 2011

CCL Podcast Special – Comic Book Podcast Panel, Detroit Fanfare 2011
48.8 Mb; 53m 12s

Recorded, Saturday, September 24 at 1:00 in the Jeffrey Jones Memorial Room, Cobo Hall, Deroit, Michigan.

Comic Book podcasts have become an important part of the comics and pop culture landscape. Meet today’s top podcast hosts for a discussion on comic books and new media. Podcasters appearing on the panel include Chris Marshall (Collected Comics Library), Mikel OD (Most People Are DJs), Zack Kruse (Distinguished Comic Book Podcast), Stevie D (Comic Book Queers), and Decapitated Dan (Deep Discussions, Tales from the Water Cooler).

My thanks to Mikel OD, Most People Are DJs, for recording the panel.

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This Weekend – 2011 Detroit Fanfare

If you are near Detroit this weekend, come on downtown to the Detroit Fanfare at Cobo Hall.  This family friendly show has a host of comic book creators as well as several Hollywood stars!

Plus you can come se me at the Comic Book Podcasting Panel, Saturday at 1pm. Panel includes:

  • Chris Marshall, Collected Comics Library
  • Mike Pfeiffer, Most People Are DJs
  • Zack Kruse, Distinguished Comic Book Podcast
  • Stevie Disme, Comic Book Queers
  • Derek Coward, Comic Book Noise
  • Dan, Comic Related

The panel will be recorded and uploaded when it is ready next week!
Hope to see you down there!

CCL Podcast #317 – 1000 Flashpoints Of Light

Collected Comics Library Podcast #317
26.0MbKb; 28m 19s

It’s back to talking about DC Comics starring Flashpoint and the New 52. I try my best to straighten out all the Flashpoint titles including the main run, mini-series, tie-ins, crossovers and preludes and just how they will be collected in hardcover and trade paperback form. And I also try to figure out just what the editors are thinking when it comes to combining certain runs with each other as collected editions, because it sure doesn’t look like the way it was originally intended.

I also go over the 2011 comic book summer movies and the trades that may interest you, more news regarding the upcoming EC Archives from CG Press, the Top Shelf 2011 Massive $3 Sale, the Spring 2012 Marvel Comics Collected Editions Spring catalog (download the pdf), Simon and Kirby Romance from TWO publishers and The Fire and Water Podcast.

Lastly I go over the upcoming 2011 Detroit Fanfare and the Comics Podcasting Panel:

Should be a great show, please join us for a great time!

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