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CCL Podcast #266 – C2E2 2010

Collected Comics Library Podcast #266
28,535Kb; 30m 20s

It’s all about C2E2 on today’s show – who I saw, what I did and most importantly what collected editions I bought. Speaking of people I left out a few names: Scottie Young (Marvel Comics), John Siuntres (Wordballoon), Eric Houston (Comics Podcast Companion) and Zack Kruse (DCBS). Zack is also putting together the Summit City Con in Ft. Wayne, Indiana on May 22. More information can be found at . Sadly I won’t be able to attend do to a family commitment.

All this and the New Releases of the Week.


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CCL Podcast #257 – Steve Ditko Part 2 – Charlton and DC 1966-1984

Collected Comics Library Podcast #257
20,415Kb; 21m 40s

This week on the Steve Ditko career retrospective, I take a look at his return to Charlton (although some would argue he never left), his limited time at Warren and his entire time at DC Comics. This includes the great characters he created: Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, The Question, The Hawk and The Dove and The Creeper.  And the history lesson wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Mr. A or The Watchmen.

Much of Ditko’s work from this period has been collected in the Action Hero Archives Volumes 1-2, Creepy Archives Volumes 1-4 and Eerie Archives Volumes 1-2 from Dark Horse, and the upcoming Creeper HC from DC.

All this including IDW’s Fallen Angel Omnibus, Absolute All-Star Superman and the New Releases of the Week from DC and Marvel.


Links of Note:
Interview with Bob Rozakis on Cancelled Comics Cavalcade

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Will Eisner and his Spirit

Today is the day that many of us Golden Age comic book fans have been waiting for, because today is the day that Will Eisner’s The Spirit comes to a theater near you. For those of you who may think that The Spirit is just another superhero, think again. There is much more to him than a blue suit, a red tie and beautiful women – both good and evil.

The Spirit was a 7 page Sunday newspaper insert created by 22-year-old Will Eisner that first ran in the Register and Tribune Syndicate on June 2, 1940, shortly after Superman and Batman debuted in comic books. The Spirit, in reality, was Denny Colt, a Central City police officer, who was beaten up and left for dead lying in a puddle of chemicals by the villain Dr. Cobra. Colt was pronounced by the coroner and was buried in Wildwood Cemetery. Unknown to everyone he was merely in a state of hibernation and broke out of his grave and continued his crime fighting crusade as The Spirit. Only police commissioner Dolan knows his true identity.

The strip itself was ahead of it’s time focusing its attention on a more adult male audience by incorporating crime noir, sex (via the many femme fatales), humor, a touch of science fiction and fantasy, and violence (including murder and blood). But mostly it was known for its use of sequential artwork by using angles, darkness and vibrant colors. Eisner stated in the past that a person could completely understand an entire strip without having one single word balloon; each panel would explain itself. That’s not to say that the language was not included, quite the contrary. For such a young man, Eisner’s usage of English catered to a more mature and well educated reader, even though some would say that his characterization of African-Americans at the time was unfounded.

The Sunday strip continued through October 5, 1952 and the character of The Spirit has been revived a number of times including a current run in DC Comics, which is on issue #24. For those of you want to learn more about The Spirit, DC is just finishing up its massive 26 Volume Hardcover Archive set, collecting everything The Spirit has ever appeared in. Interestingly enough, the series was first to only be 15 volumes collecting only the strips that Eisner worked on, not the strips that were done posthumously by Wally Wood (Tales From The Crypt), Jack Cole (Plastic Man) and others while Eisner served in World War II (Eisner was, however, the editorial director). DC wisely added these extra books making for a total of 24. Then as the last few were being planned outs the editorial staff at DC made the decision to add in a 25th Volume collecting the very rare and never-before reprinted Spirit Daily strip in it’s entirety that originally ran from October 1941 to March 1944. But that’s not all; DC has kept on going and on December 31, 2008 will release a 26th Volume that will collect all The Spirit material that was published by many other companies including Harvey Comics, Warren Publishing and Kitchen Sink Press, from the 1950’s to the 1980’s, thus ending DC’s monumental undertaking.

But there’s even more! In 1998, Dark Horse Comics published their own Spirit series that ran for 10 issues and was done by such prolific creators like Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) and Neil Gaiman (Sandman). This April 2009 Dark Horse is going to collect the run in their own Archive Edition and it will match the DC line; even tagging the spine of the dustjacket as Volume 27. Kudos to both DC and Dark Horse for combining their editorial efforts.

It should be pointed out that Volume 3 (softcover edition) of DC’s current run will collect issues #14-20 and be out in comic books stores on January 28, 2009. There is no word yet from DC if these stores will be reformatted into Volume 28 of the Archive Series.

So enjoy the movie in all of it’s Sin City-esque glory then go out and read up on why a movie was to be made in the first place – because when it comes to Golden Age superheroes The Spirit ranks right up there with – and beyond – them.

CCL Podcast #168 – Eric Bieze, Admin, Essentials and Showcases Yahoo! Group

Collected Comics Library Podcast #168

67,086Kb; 71m 17s

The CCL continues its interviews with a conversation with Eric Bieze, Administrator of the Marvel Essentials and DC Showcases Yahoo! Group. Eric and I talk everything Black and White; what we like and don’t like, what’s coming out and what we would like to see.

Also on the show I go over collected edition news from the New York Comic-Con, and a cool upcoming DC Comics Superhero DVD from Filmation. Lastly, I go over the New Releases of the Week list.

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The Blackhawks in collected edition limbo

blackhawk_108.jpgWhile looking at the entire DC Archive Editions and Showcase Presents collection on my book shelves last night, something occurred to me. It seems that every Archive edition, save for one title, has one of the following:

• A second volume
• Is part of a family of other volumes
• Has a Showcase Presents to compliment it.

The exception is The Blackhawks.

Let me show by example:
Take Superman, he has several volumes including the Superman, Action Comics, World’s Finest and Man of Tomorrow Archives. The same could be said fro Batman.

Shazam! Family Archives (which features Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel) are complimented by four Shazam! Archives and a Shazam! Showcase.

The Robin Archives are complimented by the Robin Showcase. So too are Aquaman and The Metal Men.

The Heroes of the Justice Society that have one Archive each Sandman, Black Canary, The Spectre, Dr. Fate, Starman and the JSA Heroes from the JSA All-Stars Archives are complimented by the All-Star Archives, Comics Cavalcade and the DC Rarities Archives. Throw the GA Green Lantern, Flash and Hawkman in that mix, too.

All other Archives including Supergirl, The Seven Soldiers of Victory, Plastic Man, Legion of Superheroes, Wonder Woman, Doom Patrol, Teen Titans, Action Heroes, Adam Strange, The Atom, World’s Finest Comics, Justice League of America, Challengers of the Unknown, The Flash (Barry), Green Lantern (Hal), Enemy Ace and Sgt. Rock all have at least a second Archive or at least one Showcase Presents.

The other lone one could be The Brave and The Bold Team-Up Archives. However, I exclude it for a couple of reasons

1. Both of the characters pictured on the cover Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter have their own solo Showcase Presents books. The Haunted Tank, which was featured in issue #52, and is included in this Archive, has its own Showcase, too.
2. This comic book title morphed into The Brave & The Bold – Batman Team-Ups, which now has two Showcases.

What does this mean for the Blackhawks? Hopefully it doesn’t mean they will get excluded from another Archive or their first Showcase for long. The team has a rich history dating back to 1941 and the Golden Age of Comics. As it stands now, DC is slowing down their Archive line to only a few new books a year and the Showcase books are all Silver Age material. So DC seems to be in a conundrum of whether to continue (and finish) with more popular lines or start off with a Silver age Blackhawk Showcase, which would start in 1957 with #108 (pictured) when DC took over the title from Quality Comics. Time will tell.