Best Collected Editions Links This Week

Here are some of the best posts/articles regarding comic book reprints and collected editions that I have retweeted on @ChrisCCL, Facebook, Google+, and read in RSS subscriptions this week.


Announcements / PR

  • Moonstone About To Release Full Moon: Phases of the Moon HC
  • Tripwire 20th Anniversary Edition – Slated for November 2012 release, the Tripwire 20th Anniversary Edition will collect classic interviews from its vast catalog alongside new material in two 214-page, A4 deluxe formats—a hardcover provided by crowdfunding pledges through Unbound and a paperback edition available at local comic stores from Diamond Comic Distributors. The paperback will cost around $24.00. The collection will also include contemporary articles and feature stories on the transformation of the comics industry since 1992, cinematic adaptations of comics and graphic novels, digital comics, the most significant creators, the indie revolution, and many more topics. Lastly, the Anniversary Edition will also have an extensive gallery of rare and new illustrations provided by Howard Chaykin, Jon Haward, Joe Kubert, Mike Mignola, Chris Weston, Frank Quitely, and numerous others.



Law / Business



…and at the end of the shelf:

  • This can’t air fast enough: Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Trailer

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