A vs. X – 80’s Style

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Well here we have it – another season starts today. No, I’m not talking about baseball, I’m talking about the Big Summer Comic Book Event. Marvel kicks it off first with the A vs. X aka Avengers Vs. X-Men. Not since Civil War have I seen so much hype with a Marvel event. As any comic book guy knows, both teams have battled each other several times over the years. And if you’re looking for a some nostalgia, I recommend The X-Men vs. The Avengers from 1987. This 4-issue mini, yes, it only took 4 issue back then, is a fun romp between to all-star teams. Magneto is the focal point here and no matter how bad he gets, he’s a mutant and mutants stick with their own. Sounds a bit like Hope (and Phoenix) in A vs X. Here is the official description:

  • When Magneto’s on trial, he needs all the help he can get; he finds it in the remnants of his former fortress, Asteroid M! The X-Men aren’t sure what his scheme is, but they’re positive they don’t want the Avengers and the Soviet Super-Soldiers to find out first! Multi-team warfare with the eyes of the world on all three! Also featuring the X-Men’s fabulous first fight with the Avengers, to keep them from unleashing the legendary Lucifer!

Marvel released a Premiere Classic Hardcover of this series on January 6, 2010 and not only did it collect the mini but also X-Men #9, “Enter, The Avengers!” (January 1965) which is the first time the two teams meet each other. The villian Lucifer also appears here. And for you continuity buffs the X-Men Vs. Avengers series takes place around the time of Avengers #290 and Uncanny X-Men #212. Pick this book up for only $19.99 and enjoy the season – both past and present!

2 thoughts on “A vs. X – 80’s Style”

  1. Regarding the continuity, didn’t the trial of Magneto take place in Uncanny X-Men #200? Issue #212 would have been in the midst of the Mutant Massacre, iirc. I think this miniseries came out a full year after issue #200.

    It has been too long since I read this, so I may pull it back out this weekend and re-read the issues. Thanks!

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