A New Day For Digital Comics News

dgtl_225Three years ago I wanted to branch out my comic book blogging and podcasting and created DGTLcomics.com. The website was to be a curation of digital comics news and link repository for companies entering the space including Comixology, iVerse, DC and Marvel and whoever else. However, balancing collected edition news and digital news  along with work and family became very cumbersome, so I only focused on the Twitter feed @DGTLcomics. That was a lot easier to mange – simply tweeting out news I picked up in RSS news feeds.

But even that has become somewhat of a burden as the digital comics landscape is no longer just a passing tech. It’s here and here to stay. So with that in mind, I am passing everything on to one of my loyal CCL friends, @CaptDS9E aka Joey Nazzari. I gave Joey full access and permission to do whatever he pleases to do with the property. He’s in complete control and I trust he’ll do a band up job.

Please give the new @DGTLcomics a follow and tell your friends about it.

…and welcome to the CCL family, Joey!


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