30 Day Comic Book Challenge

todoWe all need a kick in the pants to get motivated. I came up with an easy 30 Day Comic Book Challenge to break out of the regular routine and try new things as it relates to the world of comic books, collected editions and even animation. Of course, you don’t have to do it in strict order nor do you really have to do it all in 30 days. It’s really a guideline. Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments and share with your friends.

How many can you do? How did you do it?

Day 1: Read at least one page from a comic that you’ve been meaning to read or reread
Day 2: Read a comic book in a room or setting that you’ve never done so before
Day 3: Read an illustrated children’s book
Day 4: Read something from a publisher you’ve never read before
Day 5: Bring some kid-friendly comics to a pediatric doctor’s office or urgent care and leave them there
Day 6: Read a web comic
Day 7: Read a political cartoon and share your thoughts with the creator
Day 8: Read a comic book on your phone
Day 9: Read a comic based on a movie or TV show
Day 10: Read a public domain book
Day 11: Read a Golden Age comic
Day 12: Go to library to see what kind of selection they have – check out any five books
Day 13: Listen to a comic book related movie soundtrack
Day 14: Read a Silver Age comic
Day 15: Read a Comix
Day 16: Try to avoid reading the word balloons in any Jack Kirby comic – can you follow the story?
Day 17: Read a black and white superhero comic – do you miss the colors?
Day 18: Listen to a comic book podcast
Day 19: Use StumbleUpon and discover a new blog/website
Day 20: Read a biography in graphic novel form
Day 21: Watch all the extra features on a Classic Animated Disney DVD
Day 22: Read every comic strip from the local newspaper for 7 days
Day 23: Read a funny animal comic
Day 24: Read a comic that you don’t think you’ll like
Day 25: Visit an LCS you’ve never been to and have the owner pick something for you
Day 26: Open to a random page in Watchmen, study it for 10 minutes
Day 27: Read a War genre comic
Day 28: Read a “work-safe” comic in plain sight of others during lunch hour
Day 29: Read anything that has ever been nominated for an Eisner Award
Day 30: You now have inspiration – draw and/or write anything comic related (a review perhaps), don’t be afraid and post it online. It takes guts to do so. Be proud of your work.

One thought on “30 Day Comic Book Challenge”

  1. Fantastic, amazing, spectacular & uncanny ideas! Seriously,these suggestions could not only promote comics, but readership in general, as they could apply to nearly any genre of literature. Thx!

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