3 Collected Editions Worth Buying from the IDW November 2014 Solicitations

Ditko's Shorts HC
Ditko’s Shorts HC
Let’s take a look at three of the IDW November 2014 Solicitations.

Ditko’s Shorts HC, 112 pages, $24.99, collects 38 stories that are no longer than 3 pages in length and spans every genre including horror, science fiction horror, fantasy and even comedy. This is just another fine book to add to your growing Steve Ditko library from Yoe Books.

I’m not at all familiar with Complete Junior and Sunny by Al Feldstein, 400 pages, $49.99, but with this new and complete collection I soon will be. In doing a little research, both Junior and Sunny (frm Fox) were competitors, of sorts to Archie and featured teenagers with romance and comedy. Sunny ran from December 1947 to June 1948 with issues numbering #11-#14. It picked up from Cosmo Cat (1946) and was cancelled in favor of Western True Crime (1948). Junior ran from September 1947 to July 1948 with issues #9-#16. This book picked was up from Li’l Pan (1946) and was cancelled for Western Outlaws (1948 series).

Lastly, there’s the Jack Kirby Mister Miracle: Artist’s Edition HC, 200 pages, $95. This volume will collect collects seven nearly complete Mister Miracle stories, including issues #2, 3, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9 and more. Every serious reprint enthusiast should own at least one Artist Edition. They are big, glorious and worth every penny. In fact, if you buy one, you may be budgeting for more in the future.