2010 Year in Review – Top 1000 Collected Editions Sale Estimates

John Mayo from Comic Book Page and CBR and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comics Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the Top 1000 trades, graphic novels and collected editions for 2010.

Listed are the Top 10 (Title, Price, Publisher and Estimated Yearly Total Sales):

  1. Walking Dead Volume 1 TPB $9.99 IMAGE COMICS 43,936
  2. Kick-Ass Premiere HC $24.99 MARVEL COMICS 36,738
  3. Walking Dead Volume 11 TPB $14.99 IMAGE COMICS 35,806
  4. Scott Pilgrim Volume 6 GN $11.99 ONI PRESS 33,632
  5. Superman: Earth One HC $19.99 DC COMICS 31,880
  6. Scott Pilgrim Volume 1 GN $11.99 ONI PRESS 31,106
  7. Walking Dead Volume 12 TPB $14.99 IMAGE COMICS 30,531
  8. Walking Dead Volume 2 TPB $14.99 IMAGE COMICS 26,686
  9. Walking Dead Volume 13 TPB $14.99 IMAGE COMICS 23,258
  10. Scott Pilgrim Volume 2 GN $11.99 ONI PRESS 22,388

In case you are wondering where MARVEL is – Uncanny X-Men: Birth of Generation Hope TPB, $16.99, came in at #17 with 2,301 units.

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Complete 2010 Comic Book Sales Figures – Comics Sold to North American Comics Shops as Reported by Diamond Comic Distributors via The Comic Chonicles

In the USA…
Top 10 Sellers this week! In Stock Trades
In the UK and Europe…
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Marvel for April 2011
Marvel for May 2011
Cowboys & Aliens TP
Absolute All Star Superman HC
Legion Of Super-Heroes Great Darkness Saga Deluxe HC
Fables TP Vol 14 Witches
Starman Omnibus HC Vol 6
Planetary TP Book 4 Spacetime Archaeology
Superman Secret Origin Deluxe HC
Chew TP Vol 03 Just Desserts
Usagi Yojimbo Special Edition HC
Walking Dead TP Vol 13 Too Far Gone
Marvel – 40% off Special until February 9 – Acts of Vengeance Crossovers Omnibus Davis Cover HC
DC Comics – 40% off Special until February 9 – Green Lantern Brightest Day HC
Indy – 40% off Special until February 9 – Baltimore Vol 1 The Plague Ships HC
Manga – 40% off Special until February 9 – Hayate X Blade Omnibus Vol 2
Classic – 40% off Special until February 9 – Hellblazer Original Sins
Chaos War
Chaos War Avengers
Batman Long Shadows
Spike Volume 1 HC
Ratman Volume 4

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